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      Last week I visited the Museum of the African Diaspora and got a chance to see the exquisite little photographic exhibition to which this New York Time article refers. Many of the men (who we would call style
      exemplars in the glossary of our project) featured in the exhibition are
      from NYC—and Brooklyn is strongly represented.

      The article above was sent to us by Tamara Valdez , a former Smithsonian Folklife intern  in Texas—Thanks Tamara!  Here is the essence of her note:

      “I was browsing through todays NYT and found this article on fashion amongst the young African American community in NYC. NYT: Pushing the Boundaries of Black Style  There is also a great blog that might be of some help for you and your interns on a future (crossing fingers) Folklife Festival!”


      Are any of you researchers in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, or elsewhere noting similar trends?

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