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      Aly Schuman

      There’s been a meme making the rounds on social media comparing how Michelle Obama and Ben Carson’s wife Candy dress. This article discusses the two sides of the issue. On one hand, Candy didn’t ask to be in the spotlight. Yet on the other hand, as this blogger notes, the critics may have a point about dressing to impress for a high-stakes occasion.

      What do you think? Do you have a responsibility to dress well in a formal situation? How much should how you dress be based on what YOU want to wear, versus how others will perceive you?

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      Aly, thanks for posting!
      It’s a difficult question because Mrs. Carson may be dressing for what she (and her husband)consider their base, however the right of the Republican base is not the only audience to which they are beholden as Dr. Carson becaomes more of a high profile candidate. Everyday dress is both an art and a social /communications skill that can be developed–like any skill. I concur with the blogger that Mrs. Carson might make good use of a “language tutor.”

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