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      This short blog post is an intriguing and informative look at the role of head wraps in African American history. Today, we see young ladies walking around, sporting them in bright colors to match modern trends. They’re as versatile and cute as hats, and often advocated by women transitioning from permed to natural hair. Head wraps can be traced from many African communities to American slavery to the present, first serving as symbols of status in the community, then status as a slave, then as a cover up for perms, and now as a fashionable way to connect to our roots.

      Let us consider that they also provide an interesting way for young black Muslim women to veil. The Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, highly recommends wearing hijab (a scarf worn around the neck and head), but has no particular demands as to how they should be worn. Modesty is the number one concern, and many women stick to wearing hat and scarf sets or something similar. Head wraps accommodate to this desire for modesty and create a connection to both African and Islamic culture.

      What other types of adornment do the same? What are some unique ways of wearing head wraps or veils?

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