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      Originality for me as an African American is being who I am.  I cannot be anyone else, because I was made in the image of God.  Everyone is original in their own way.  As for the style of clothing I wear as an African American, I wear what is comfortable and what I think looks good on me.

      Originality as a cultural group of African Americans is hard to define.  We have so many shapes and styles in our culture.  It is difficult to say what is originality for our culture.

      If there was a way to go back in history and examine someones’ ideals about how we dressed before we became slaves, might give us a true perspective of “Originality”

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      There are some hints about dress in the 17th century in West Africa from early travelers accounts of visitors to the African continent from Europe and from North Africa. There are quite a few books the address the history and heritage of African dress, concepts of beauty and body arts. Right now some of us are reading Radiance From the Waters by Sylvia Arden Boone about the concepts of feminine beauty of the Mende speaking communities in Sierra Leone and environs.

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