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      Hi everyone,

      I just joined the project and am in need of help. I am conducting a research project that focuses on the tall tee during the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, and the ways in which wearing this garment connects with issues of race, gender, national identity. There is little that has been written about this shirt and was wondering if others have still seen this shirt being used in urban areas, and if anyone had any ideas of where to find information about this shirt.

      I am attaching the prospectus and outline for this project in case it helps.

      Thank you!




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      Hi Maia,
      Thanks for writing. Your prospectus is really interesting. We discussed the “Tall Tee” here a bit but would like to encourage more responses. I think that it must have different names here in DC and in other communities. You might want to post a question in the forum section. This week is very busy but I hope to get a chance to talk more about this in the near future.
      Diana ND

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