Forums The Will to Adorn Weekly Blogging Challenge #1: “Oh no, you did not just show up here wearing THAT!?”

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      One way to tease out the “rules” (values, beliefs, and expectations) of group identity through personal appearance and dress is to think about experiences where we find ourselves at an unfamiliar event where we are dressed very differently from most of the people there…where we clearly “didn’t get the memo” about appropriate dress. Sometimes it happens when we move to a different region of the country—or to a new country. Sometimes we are invited to an occasion with an unfamiliar group. It can even happen within the same family among different generations–as in “Oh no, you did not just show up at [fill in the blank]’s event wearing THAT!? Tell a story about your own experience of that of someone you know—you don’t have to use real names. Go deeper by giving the back story on the disconnect of rules or “aesthetics” that were operating in that situation.

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