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      Zora’s article is a challenge to me.  I  am disscussing the historical perspective of her article.  We have always had language.  Whether it be African descent or the American English.  During slavery, we made our own language out of necessity.  We invented language to communicate with each other during slavery.  The historical perspective is our cultural herigate had been destroyed.  Our sub conscious held on to our cultural heritage.  The vernacular language of the slaves is what Zora Neale Hurston has written in her article.  The vernacular language we spoke as slaves was a combination of the motherland language and that of the slave masters.  We incorporated the two languages to create words that meant an entirely different meaning, so the slave masters would not know what we were doing.  The African American language was born out of necessity.  Today we still have that language.  It is a part of our culture that is used by our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and relatives who has held on to the language.  This language is a part of our heritage that we will never lose.  It is a part of us that we will forever ADORN.

      This blog is in response to Dr. Anderson’s discussion.

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